Friday, 17 April 2009


If you know me well you will be aware I have been suffering with my Back and Leg since last May. I saw my specialist on Tuesday and after me pouring my heart out he explained to me what is causing the pain in my Leg and the only way to cure the problem is by having surgery on my back....I have to have another MRI scan again which I am dreading..but needs must so if it is a little quiet here........

I have been busy working on some great projects over at PaperWhimsy - A Tussie Mussie(above WIP) project and a Rolodex card swap I am having great fun with these. Its half term here so I have been busy trying to keep Matthew entertained which has been so great he is growing up so quickly. Thanks for stopping by here.

Much Love


Sandy said...

Wooooooooooooooow your Cone is lovely. Fabulous design. Love them.

Kaz said...

know exactly what you mean about the half term thing, Sophie is going daft wanting back to nursery...roll on monday!!
If you do have to get surgery I hope it all goes well, and it will be worth it to be out of pain.
Good Luck Sarah, I really hope you're ok.
love and hugs Kaz xoxox

PS the missy mussy thing is gorgeous, LOVE the musical paper.

Lynn said...

Hi Sarah, I have really enjoyed looking at all your artwork, I just love your style and it is some of the best I have seen :) I am trying to get to know everyone over at the PW forum by visiting blogs, and I know I will be visiting a lot.
Your tussie mussie is beautiful !!!!
So sorry about the leg problem, I have sciatica and it often affects my left leg, I know how painful it can be. Take care of it.

Christy Laudig said...

I'm sorry to hear about your health issues...seems like that's going around, as I have "issues" too.

But enough about that...let's talk about your lovely pretty.

Thank you for stopping by my Blog and for being my 2nd "watcher"....


Gabriela said...

Hello Sarah,

So sorry to hear about this!
I hope you can get better soon.


~ Gabriela ~

Retro Cafe' Art Gallery said...

Hey girl, all my hopes and prayers that your back/leg issues can be resolved!

Anonymous said...

Sarah....just stopped over to see what you are doing. Love the Cone Project...can't wait to see it all finished! And those Rolodex fun and addicting!
Please keep me posted on your surgery progress, ok? But if you have it soon, Matthew will be home from school all summer to "help" you! Hey, kids always LOVE doing helpful things for their Moms! He'll be a good helper for you!
Hugs and please, keep in touch!

LW said...

HI Sarah,

This is so pretty...
very nice job...