Monday, 30 March 2009

I missed you..........

Well it has been so quiet over here at Whimsy Dreams hasnt it? whilst I have had my nose into Eclispe for most of the time, I have been creating aswell I am so excited to share that I sold my very first pieces of Art over at ebay last week. What a great feeling that is....for me anyway. I have been lucky enough to take some wonderful workshops with JoAnna Pierotti from MossHill Studio....amazing workshops and JoAnna is such a great teacher so you must head over if you havent already.

A BIG Thankyou to my lovely friend Dawn she sent me some amazing tiny canvases last week, she knows I love anything like this. This pendant was inspired from 'Collage Mossy style' Workshop I took with JoAnna. Thanks for Inspiring me JoAnna.

Another Workshop...see I told you I had been busy.

I had so much fun with this workshop. My little bottle is 4" x 1", great size to work on. I love the smell of the beeswax so much fun to work with..I think I feel another addiction coming on.
Thanks so much for stopping by.


Kaz said...

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Sarah, your pendant is lovely but I am in LOVE with that bottle, is it for sale?

the workshops have been fantastic haven't they? I've loved them too, and these are just gorgeous so it was well worth it!!

Sandy said...

Wow wow wow wow wow these are fantastic. You´ve made wonderful tings. Love them.

MaygreenFairies said...

Oh Sarah hun these are scrumptous!! Really gorgeous pieces. And congrats on your Ebay sale!!! Hugs, Mandy x

Little Pink Studio said...

Such beautiful projects!!
I love them all!
Cerri xo

sassydesigns said...

Hi Sarah!
I love these two pieces! I know what you mean about beeswax, I have always wanted to coat some atc's in it but never have. You have encouraged me to get with it! Your canvas with the little dress is oh so sweet too! Just love your work, I will have to check it out on "Artfire"! Have a great day.

Dawn said...

Sarah you are unbelievable... I haven't even started on my bottles yet - got to get the solder stuff lol.
What you have done with your bottles is amazing gf - you should feel very proud of yourself...

and you are so welcome to those little canvases
oh yes and CONGRATULATIONS on selling your first piece xxx